When to Use a Rigid Sewer Camera?

When working with sewer pipe and line problems, sometimes you will need to call in the big boys when it comes to the type of sewer camera you will use. Some smaller jobs will require a sewer camera that is attached to a short snake, while some of the larger jobs will require the services of a longer snake. So the thought becomes, when to use a Rigid sewer camera. Rigid makes some of the best sewer cameras that are available on the market. They also make some of the toughest when it comes to those jobs that require a super long snake.

Rigid makes some of the best sewer camera equipment that can be found on the market. They provide something for almost every type of job you will run into. They offer video equipment, the SeeSnake reel in a handheld or a stationary, and they also provide digital recording equipment and monitor setup that can make a plumber’s life a whole lot easier. But a lot of the equipment they offer is not all for looking into sewer systems, or trying to identify problem areas within sewer pipes that might be located under a person’s home or business.

With that being said, you will need to know when to use a Rigid sewer camera in order to identify specific problem areas when you know any other type of equipment you use will not work. If you have a job that requires you to use some methods in detecting you have never used before, this may be a sign when a Rigid sewer camera will come in handy. You will find models that are color LCD display, black and white, battery operated, self leveling, and snakes that are anywhere from very short to very long, depending on what they are being used for.

You will find that a lot of the equipment is a little expensive so it will be up to you to understand your specific needs before choosing something that will work in your situation. You will also need to find a dealer that carries this type of equipment as well. You will be pleased to know that any professional power tool company or online service that deals with video inspection will be able to help you get the Rigid equipment you are looking for. This will be very important because if you are looking for a Rigid sewer camera, there is no substitute.

With the information listed above, you will be able to get started looking for a Rigid sewer camera that will work for you. You will be able to make the determination of whether a Rigid is needed or if you simply need to rent some other type of equipment. The rule of thumb in this case will be whether you are running a business and need reliable equipment, or if you’ve run into a job that will require something a little more heavy duty. Regardless of the situation, you will know when to use a Rigid sewer camera.

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