Vu-Rite Inspection Systems

The VU-Rite don’t have the bells and whistles of a Ridgid. I really like the concept of non-proprietary monitors/recording equipment. Full camera setup on the Ridgids…. wow.. major $$$. Ridgid Seesnake 200′ Color self leveling reel and CS-10 monitor – about $11k! Vu-Rite can’t be beaten for the price. The Vu-Rite cameras give a great picture and are easy to use. I really like the concept of non-proprietary monitors/recording equipment. You can use easy to fix not expensive monitors.

Vu-Rite Camera Inspection System
Vu-Rite Camera Inspection System

Starting out on a shoestring budget the Vu-Rite serves the means of getting a reliable and fairly affordable camera that will put you into making money on repairs and replacements of lines that will ultimately buy you the Ridgid (if you want to) without running out of beans to eat.

If you can save a little bit more buy a new one and get the warranty with it. It will be warrantied for 2 years, “No Hassle”, no questions ask. This will protect you more if you’re just starting out if you hit a slow down and can’t afford a repair that could suck and could lose you thousands waiting to repair your camera. The new one with warranty will safe guard your tool investment while you make money with it. I like that Vu-Rite wants to support you fixing it yourself and even will ship you the parts. If you can’t fix it, you can send it back to the company in the US. The thought of sending an expensive equipment to some little-known suppliers in a blank state, and getting a phone call to find out I’ll be spending lots of money for a re-term that might not fix the problem scares me.

The Vu-Rite frame looks far superior to the Easy Cam. Solid construction and the picture is well lit and clear. Most of the sewers here are 4″ so that is all I can speak for. The sonde is great. The only complaint I have is the camera head is too squared and the slim protector installed on the unit performs not so well. Better to bye Vu-Rite skid with a camera.

Product Features Short review
All Vu-Rite Sewer Camera Systems include:

  • Standard Camera Unit / Mini Camera Unit
  • On-screen digital footage counter
  • WiFi feature with 10” tablet
  • Built-in 512 Hz transmitter.

As an option: Rycom Instruments Digital Receiver for locating camera sonde, Battery Pack

Owners Manual

Vu-Rite Sewer Camera System Frame  Complete versatile frame The Vu-Rite frame looks far superior to the Easy Cam – solid reliable construction
Vu-Rite Sewer Camera System Reels 150’/200′ of pushrod  Reels are available with a standard camera or mini camera and either 150’ or 200’ of pushrod
Vu-Rite Sewer Camera System Battery Pack  Battery pack Comes in a durable case,  battery life of up to 2 hours
Vu-Rite Sewer Camera System - Mini Camera

Lens Replacement Diagram

 Mini Camera
  •  Fiber Optic Lighting
  • Bullet Head Design for Maneuverability
  • Designed for 2” lines or larger
 Vu-Rite Sewer Camera System - Standard Camera  Standard Camera There are times when standard VU-Rite camera head is too large to go through 3″ fittings.
 Vu-Rite Sewer Camera System - Video Glasses


 Video Glasses Useful in Sunlight and Extreme
Lighting Situations

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