Spartan Cameras

It sounds like a good camera setup to me – would it be your first cam?…Yes, I’m positive the camera’s are made right here in the good ole’ U.S. Of A. gents. Their engineer designed the last few cams and the ProTouch is the coolest yet. Since, it’s half computer they outsource a local vendor in Illinois to build the units.

That touch screen is cool! I’ve heard that complaint about the touch screen getting dirty, but:

#1- they offer a pencil/stylus that you can get dirty w/o touching the screen
#2- I saw one in action, and you can do a TON more interaction with it than you can w/ my mytana, and i love my mytana
#C- They’re crazy expensive, but darn good cameras
#IV- you get poop prints on everything else you own as a drain cleaner, what’s the big deal about getting some on a camera?

But spartan cameras are not so great. I purchased a spartan camera and monitor in 2003, since then up till about 2007 i needed to get that overpriced piece of electronic repaired way 2 many times and had 2 purchase at least 4 new camera heads and springs. You would think they were more durable than they are. I like a lot of the features of the command module but what use is all that when the camera craps out or the push rod snaps.

They do make great cable machines and jetters, been using spartan equipment since the 1980’s only problems was with the cameras.

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