Some Thoughts About Inspection Cameras

Looking back just a few decades ago, the term “inspection cameras” wouldn’t really mean a thing. People would look at you with their heads tilted to the side and a confused look on their faces. It’s not because you’re from a foreign planet, it’s because the technology just wasn’t around. Thinking back to the days where this little device was nonexistent, how would you locate an obstruction in a pipe and repair it. If your sewer pipe was clogged, what would you do? A long time ago, you’d start digging and hope you end up in the right place so you can unclog it by hand. What a travesty that would be, not to mention time consuming and expensive.

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The expeditionary digs are a thing of the past with state of the art inspection cameras. Fiber optic design and closed circuit video cameras (CCTV) are a plumber’s best friend. Now you can generate live video feeds by sending a camera a hundred feet or more into the darkest depths of a sewer pipeline. No random digging is necessary when you can see exactly what the problem is.

Alas, this wonderful technology does not come cheap, but if you know someone who has access to such a device, it could save you a boatload of money in the end. When you’re looking for a plumbing company, it may be prudent to ask whether or not they have a drain inspection camera. You’ll want to ask what their fee is for camera inspections, and ultimately hire the company that will perform the job that is needed. Be sure that they are willing to provide you a copy of the video surveillance once they are completed.

Why would you want to have a video inspection performed? That’s easy. It may be a part of regularly scheduled maintenance. As you know, the sludge that flows through sewer pipes builds up over time. It is important to ensure that the pipes are in a free flow condition in order to operate in an optimal state. If you can identify a problematic area early on, it will save you expensive repair costs down the road. Another reason you may want to have a sewer pipe inspection is if you are experiencing problematic symptoms. If you can identify the problem quickly by obtaining visual evidence, you’ll be able to treat it properly. There’s no sense in treating the wrong problem because that adds up to wasted time and money.

One other nifty tip if you do hire a company to perform a digital video inspection is to obtain a copy of the tape. Should you choose not to hire that company to perform the repair, the individual who does actually try to repair your pipeline will be much better suited for the job if they can see the problem for themselves. If the video inspection company will not let you keep a copy of the video, then you should probably find a company that will. Granted every company may not have an video inspection camera, but there should be enough local companies servicing your area that you’ll find one that will. Plus competition is usually pretty fierce between companies, so you may be able to take advantage of that if there are multiple competitors servicing your areas.