Sewer Camera Monitors

Ridgid Inspection Camera Monitors

Ridgid offers:

  • SeeSnake DVDPak2 monitor with composite video in and DVD recorder on board
  • CS10 monitor with proprietary video in and USB port
  • New CS65x series Digital Reporting/Recording Monitors with Wi-Fi


SeeSnake DVDPak2 Inspection Camera Monitor
SeeSnake® DVDPak2 Inspection Camera Monitor

DVDPak comes in a rugged, weatherized case with highly reliable DVD recording. The battery works great and will also work as a backup if the 120 ac is unplugged. The monitors are available with OLED and LCD displays. OLED technology offers some advantages in extreme weather conditions – cold or heat and slightly better performance in sunlight. OLED display has an operating range from -30F and up to 130F.

Manual is here – DVDPak2


SeeSnake® CS10 Digital Recording Monitor
SeeSnake® CS10 Digital Recording Monitor

CS10 is basically a cheaper cs1000. It has a great display and one touch recording function – records video or snapshot directly to a USB stick. The monitor has a great clear picture, recording onto a flash drive 20FPS – 720 x 480 video is much better than carrying DVDs.

Display is 12.1″ daylight readable 640 x 480 LCD. The power source is AC line or RIDGID 18V battery (optional). The monitor has integrated microphone and speaker.

CS10 comes with SeeSnake HQ software, which can be used on a PC. With the software, you can
customize reports, organize jobs, and generate reports for customers in a variety of file formats.

Yes, it can be done cheaper a number of ways. But I’m just over futzing with homemade rigged solutions. This is simple, clean, compact, and does exactly what I want. I’m ordering two.

For the cash strapped among you who can’t go there yet but want something, I’ll have two rode hard and put away wet (but still functional) color video tool cases for sale once the cs10’s arrive. Recording on these is kind of a pain, but it can be done. That’s the only reason for my change to cs 10’s. They work great as monitors, run full size, mini, micro reel, micro drain, power the sonde, etc.

Read detailed manual


CS6x series Monitors with Wi-Fi

SeeSnake® CS6x and CS6xPak
SeeSnake® CS6x and CS6xPak Digital Recording Monitors with Wi-Fi

With WiFi, you can stream or record inspections to an Android or iOS devices phone with the free HQx Live companion app. CS6x monitors have storage to USB option, water-resistant keyboard, daylight viewable displays, integrated microphone and speaker. Video Format – MPEG4 – 30 FP. Operating Temperature 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)

CS6x have 5.7″ LCD monitor. Dimensions 14″ x 7.6″ x 10.6″. Weight 5.7 lb (without battery).

CS65x Digital Reporting Monitor
CS65x Digital Reporting Monitor

CS65x have 6.7″ 640 x 480 LCD, internal
128 GB SSD solid drive and internal GPS with a geotag media positioning. Dimensions 16″ x 12.5″ x 9.5″. Weight 9.3 lb (without battery)

Gvision Monitors

Gvision camera monitor with internal battery
Gvision camera monitor with internal battery

G-Vision monitors seem to be built really well and don’t feel delicate. The picture is fine, the device has an easy recording feature. Records to a thumb drive, portable hard drive or iPhone.

Though it has few cons: no image flip, can’t zero the footage counter from the monitor, uses a different than the Ridgid style connector (needs interconnection chord).
All things considered – very nice and reliable monitor.


2 thoughts on “Sewer Camera Monitors”

  1. Message Body:
    I saw your Gvision review and wanted to say thank you. I would like to add some features you may not know about .
    • The Gvision is weather proof
    • Integrated microphone
    • Daylight viewable anti-glare optical glass LCD display (1200 nits backlight compared to Seesnakes 500nits )
    • Video Format H264 broadcast quality 30FPS (HTML5 native mp4 file)
    • iOS native direct connect technology (connect any iOS device via USB charging cable)
    • Storage options – USB Flash, USB mobile Flash(for iOS and Android mobile devices), USB Mobile SSD – 1TB
    • Operating Temperature -8ºF to 145ºF ( -22ºc to 63ºc)
    • 9amh NiMH battery w/integrated battery charger (up to 4hrs run time, 8hrs V1 series )
    • 8.5lbs w/Battery

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