Ridgid compact

I’ve used 4 or 5 different brand cameras over the course of my career, and Ridgid is the hands down best. The only downsides I can see with the compact is the recording capability (which is a must for me) and the push rod is a little flimsy. My Ridgid rep really wasn’t too high on the compact. He said that the mini reel was a better way to go. Then again, a mini reel with a monitor is a bit more money than the compact. I guess in the end, it all depends on how you’re going to use it. I would not consider another brand and if you don’t like the unit, the resale value should be good.

The Ridgid compact it a pretty good light weight unit. Personally new and parts are crazy expensive. Only reason I have this one is because I scored it for $500 bucks. If you can get it used in good working order its worth it. I would never buy a brand new one that’s just my opinion.

My compact is B/W the picture is good and the push rod is thin but pushes good. The camera head is small and it works great on downspout lines, 2″ runs to 4″ but the cable is flimsy and it is easy to kink it when doing 4″. So if you just want to look in 4″ pipes it works but long runs kill it. You have to run lots of water and take your time using it. It does not have a counter but you just keep track of how many times you pull it out when using it. It will be a good entry level camera. You need to pull the whole thing out to check it’s length prior to purchase as they always are kinked and repaired. If it has it’s whole 100ft then odds are it wasn’t used very much. Both of mine are down to around 70ft. But I use them every day. As for used value think of this the sonde is worth $600 alone and the camera is the same size as the mini so another $900 I buy any I find just for parts.

Size: It won’t take up a whole lot of space, so I can keep it with me all of the time.
Resale:If for some reason it doesn’t meet my needs in the future, it isn’t an unknown brand that would be hard to sell for a decent price.
Modular: It can be used with other Ridgid monitors and accessories.

Doesn’t come with recording capabilities. Would have to try to come up with something if I felt I needed to be able to record. Though it does have a video out plug, so I have to think that it wouldn’t be too difficult or expensive to rig something up.
Price. It is somewhat more expensive than some of the competition’s similar sized cameras.

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