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Mytana locators work with industry standard frequencies, including most often used in sewer cameras 512Hz. Locate up to 25 ft deep, are simple and reliable enough. If used properly, they don’t miss the location of a camera head by more than 5″ from a 10′ location. The display is backlit, buttons are weather proof.

The problem I see with people locating they swing the locator you have to have the locator straight up and down. Once you find the “spot” hold the locator straight, don’t lean to the left or the right, don’t tilt it if forward or back. Hit he depth button you’re there. I had one trainee that couldn’t keep his locator straight so I fixed a corner post level to the locator he had no problem after that. But to this day he still has that level attached.

Product Features Short review

mytana ACCU-STIC512 Locator
ACCU-STIC512 Locator
  • Locates any 512hz signal
  • Push button shows depth
  • Single hand operation
ML2011 AccuCane Locator
ML2011 AccuCane Locator


    • Locator is an analog device
    • Peak only mode
  • Calculate Depth
  • The ML2011 uses two 9V batteries. Battery compartment is located opposite the control panel.

BUZZING If you feel a vibration or buzzing in the handle, turn the sensitivity down.

Strong electrical sources and magnetic fields can interfere with the locator. The true signal will be smooth, False signals will waiver. You need to keep low sensitivity to avoid reading false signals.

The camera head MUST be parallel to the locator head. It won’t find the camera on the angle.

RL8873 512 Locator
RL8873 512 Locator


  • Multi-frequency capability Passive 50Hz & 60Hz, Passive RF, 12Hz, 640Hz, 8kHz, 9kHz, 33kHz, 65kHz, 82kHz, 200kHz, 478kHz
  • Antenna Mode Peak & Null (horizontal & vertical coil)
  • Audio Indication Variable pitch audio
  • Battery Life 40 hours
RL8873 512 Locator

The choice of HIGH (65khz, 82khz, 200khz, & 478khz); MID-RANGE (8khz, 9khz, 33khz); LOW (512hz, 640hz)  frequency is dependent on the conditions of the locate.
Lower frequency is much less susceptible to locating errors caused by nearby cables or pipes.
Mid-range frequencies are not very susceptible to bleed off or coupling, but it can jump impedance on the utility better than the low frequencies.
The high-frequency signal is better for “jumping” disconnected shield bonds or grounds. The locating range is quite

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  1. SXR Pipe Locator

    Message Body:
    The SXR (list price $1095) is made for us by Rycom but is nothing like the RL8872 or RL8873 other than looks. (SXR = Step Receiver, X marks the spot) The SXR can locate approx 40% greater depths thus the gain required to locate is 40% less than that of the NaviTrac and is consistently more accurate and faster than the NaviTrac.

    Most locations w/depth take less than a minute with the SXR making Horizontal, 45º offsets and Vertical stacks (real world scenario’s) easily located. When you learn the SXR going back to a NaviTrac just does not happen!

    • SXR frequencies 512Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz, 65 kHz, 116kHz, RF and 50Hz 60Hz passive modes.
    • 4 year warranty
    • Weather proof design w/Backlit display
    • Twin horizontal and one Vertical coils
    • Audio Indication Variable pitch audio
    • Battery Life 40 hours (6C-Cell batteries)
    • Sonde Freq. – 512Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz (SXR tested in air depths to 30ft compared to NaviTrac less than 20ft for same 512Hz sonde )
    • Line Trace Freq. – 512Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz, 65 kHz, 116kHz, RF and 50Hz 60Hz passive modes.
    • Line Modes – Wide Peak, Narrow Peak, Null, Dynamic Directional Nulls

    For more information on how to use the SXR please contact us.

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