Milwaukee Digital Inspection Camera

The Milwaukee Digital Inspection Camera is a great tool to look into areas that do not give you a direct line of sight. This tool would not necessarily be used to inspect long pipe runs, but it’s a perfect addition to your toolbox if you want to see into those hard to reach places. The Milwaukee Inspection camera has a flexible hose measuring 3 feet in length with a camera on one end and a high quality hand-held screen on the other. Another nice feature of this inspection camera is the light on the end that will help to illuminate those dark nooks and crannies. The tube is rigid, yet flexible, enabling the user to peer around tight corners. It’s perfect for inspecting within wall barriers to examine wiring inside walls or pipes in an old home. It’s even a great tool for working on your car as it allows easy access to hard to reach places within your engine block. It has high quality digital imaging technology that displays high color images on a portable, hand-held unit.

The model of Milwaukee Inspection Camera you would be interested in is the Milwaukee 2310-21 Cordless M-Spector Digital Inspection Camera, 12-Volt Lithium Ion Battery .

For the hard core user, you’ll want to trade up and get the 12-Volt operated one. What it comes down to is that it’s really a matter of convenience and price. If it’s something you’re going to be using often, I highly recommend getting the model that uses the 12V Lithium Ion Battery. All you have to do is charge the battery when you’re ready to use it.

Here are the tech specs for those so inclined:

  • Display: Large, 2.4 in. high-resolution (320 x 240) color LCD image
  • Digital Zoom Up to 200%
  • Digital Glare Reduction
  • 3 Stage Brightness Control
  • Extended Battery Life and Auto Shut-Off
  • Shaft Length: 36 in.
  • Head Size: 3/4 in.
  • Battery Type: 4 AA batteries (or rechargeable 12V Lithium Ion Battery)

One of the neat features is the digital glare reduction. What this does is digitally enhance the image to compensate for over lit conditions. Instead of trying to decipher an image that is overexposed, it automatically adjusts to make up for the excessive light. That coupled with the three stage brightness control, and you’ll never have to squint at the digital display.

What makes this device shine is its ability to show great detail in dark areas or behind walls. With its brightness control and glare reduction, there’s no guesswork involved. This device will pay for itself in one home improvement project by enabling you to accurately assess the situation rather than guess. The 3 feet hose is sufficient for most any application that you would use it for, but for those even harder to reach areas that require an extended reach, there is a 3 feet extension for the Milwaukee Digital Inspection Camera. It works on both the AA battery powered version and the 12V lithium ion powered unit.

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