Microdrain or Micro Reel Cameras

I like the micro drain idea for the smaller drains and see if something or what is stuck in the toilet or small drain. I bought the micro drain just for doing 1.5 galv and most times the answer is yes it does do them. But now I find I grab it all the time to inspect jobs I think the clog may be out farther and it shows up they are within 30 feet.

It is light, it is a great camera! Showers,tubs, sink lines, not to mention looking for things caught in the toilet! I really wish it was 50 ft. Do not confuse the Micro drain 30ft with the Micro Reel 100 ft totally different cables.

I have been using it for water leak detection also, I cut a piece of ABS that I can get in between the joists push it into the sub floor add more if needed to get to the spot, then push in the Micro Drain and bam I spy private eye! I am not kidding I am using this almost as much as my tape measure. Another big plus is pushing it in to find out if there is a drum trap or a cross between the apt. walls. I keep editing this because I keep thinking of other things I use it for It isn’t a tool that you make money with doing inspections even though I used it for paid inspections already it is the fact that this tool can increase your speed giving you the chance to get in and out faster but also do a better job! No more guessing what it feels like or spending 1/2 hour talking the homeowner into it based on years of experience you just show them. Also years of different remodels and different kinds of pipes and people on the little lines are the ones that I think damage the most equipment so if you can save some of those 1/4″-3/8′ cables this tool is the one.

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