Gator Locators


Was there ice in the ground? I have a Gator locator have problems locating in the winter with frost snow and ice.

Our company owns the NuviTrac and wouldnt recommend it. We have 3 locators The Gator, Rigid NuviTrac and the Rigid SR-20 locator. I cant remember what its called but it is yellow and is nearly 2x as large as the NuviTrac. Works awesome for tracing out galvinized water lines, copper lines, electrical, and it has a lot more functions and is more accurate.

Here is the deal;
The scout is for sonde location and light duty utility location (light duty means it can do signal trace but takes more time and you need to really really practice with it to get good)
Navitrack has a larger screen, navitrack has more choices of freq. to search for when doing util locates in areas where there are lots of bleed over signals from other sources. Sonde no problem!
Seektech sr 20 does sonde, and if doing util locates has special mapping program that will see patterns in the ground that is helpful for when lines cross each other so you can stay on the line your after.
Seecteck sr 60 does every thing the sr -20 does plus it also is like the navitrack and has more freqs to choose from for those really really hard locates where gas line crosses underground power and then crosses underground cable!
Hope this helps.

The Prototek locator is similar to the Gator, General, and others where locating is done primarily on signal strength lowering the gain until the strongest signal can be discerned.

Gator locators are VERY SIMPLE to operate, I’ll give them that. By no stretch of the imagination can they be called intimidating. We had one at a shop I worked at a few years ago. It worked well for what we needed.

So you have used both and your opinion is the Navitrack is better.

I have only used the Gator/Gen-eye locater and 99.9% of the time I’m spot on.

I have seen a demo of the Navitrack at the Pumper show and all I could think was ‘that seems kind of complected, I can do the same thing with mine, but easier’.

As I have never used a Navitrack, I’m wondering why you like them better? advantages/disadvantages?

I have a GatorCam and have had excellent excellent results with it. Has great picture and I have never missed a locate with it. I bought mine thru Travis Brean he is with Subsurface Soluitions 402-203-4415. I know different parts of the country use different suppliers but you may want to at least talk with him. He was good about coming to me and showing me the in’s and out of everything. Just been great to work with. The locates are great and now all the local contractors are calling to locate the sewers before they dig or having me find out what may be wrong (broke or shifted) so they can dig right to the problem.

It is a Gator Cam II and has been doing it off and on for over a year. It is the 3rd one I have had in about 10-12 years. I traded up twice at my own choosing.

Has been checked out 2 times but as I said “Never done it for them” when sent in. Most of the time it last a lot longer and I end up shutting it down and restarting to get the picture back.

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