DIY sewer cameras

I did make a one a while back. ok I took an underwater cheep harbor freight camera. I cut the camera head apart and made and aluminum housing and salad it as good as I could. I fishtaped 100’ of wire into ½ pex. It worked for about 4 weeks before it started to leak. And it pushed like SH!#. all in all I would day you can but to make a good one where it will last I will say you cant for the money you can buy a good one for “SEESNAKE”

I’m not sure if reinventing the wheel by making a sewer camera would be worth the effort.

We’ve got one city here that will camera lines for free. It doesn’t matter, I’ll camera the line for free and see if I get a dig out of it. The repair work they won’t do unless it is out past the sidewalk or curb.

They will come out any time we call usually within about 15-30 minutes, they will check the city line, tell us where the tie in is, hang around while we cable the line and note how far out the line clears. If the line clears off the edge of the customers property the city will reimburse the customer for the cost of the line cleaning.

I’ve had pretty good experiences with them. They’ve done things like tell the customer that I was doing a good job on the cleaning, telling the customer the difference between what I do, and what a hack does. When I’ve camera’d the line and saw a problem, they also viewed the problem and advised the customer that it should be repaired or, the line would back up again.

I’ve got no problems working in a city that gives the taxpayers something back for what they pay. I guess a hack might have a problem though.

The city also does all the repairs. It it crazy. Why would a homeowner pay me when they can get their line repaired for about 200 bucks. . If they let the city do it. Yeah it sucks. They also repair all of thewater lines for free when they break in homeowners yards

Attempting to get a camera just know I will not use it a lot on paying jobs. There for I am looking to not spend too much and be good. I figure I would use it maybe 10 times a year. No point in spending 10k on one that is not needed. Yet on the other head. I am not too thrilled about the lower end one I have seen. Seems to me they were built in a high school electronic class. This gaveme the ideal to make one my self

If you’re only gonna use it once in a while and for free, I’d go with an older Ridgid B&W with a VCR. They’re good solid units and since your not recording, who cares about the VCR? You could probably pick one up for a decent price on eBay. Also, a friend of mine has had a scooter brand camera for about 20 years or so now. Good ,reliable, no frills camera.

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