Camera getting stuck on settled pipe

So I had my new camera out and wanted to test it out, I got about 25 feet out and it couldn’t get past a settled joint. I play around with it for ten minutes going back in forth, running some water and finally get it past and then low and behold another settled join 37feet out and this time I can’t get past it to save my life. I tried swirling the camera and eventually gave up as I didn’t want to damage the camera. I never had this with the old rigid black and white I have used any suggestions?

String trick! Tie a string to the spring (in a way that will not damage the wires). I usually tie two stings, if I only use one Murphy’s law will apply and when pull the string it only results in the cam diving down even more.

Should have looked a little harder, just saw all the good info on skids and string. Anybody use a skid with the vu-rite and if so where did you get it.

se the string trick but I do not recommend tying the string on, that can get you into trouble.

I loop the string through the spring so I can pull the string out when it is no longer needed, I rotate the push rod to get the string where it needs to be to tilt the head over an obstacle or into a fitting such as a wye or, combo.

I’ve never got into any kind of trouble by tyeing it, but the loop does sound safer. I also like that it can just be pulled out once you pass the problem spot.

Good tip. I’m going to loop it next time.

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