B&W camera vs Color

Only time I ever needed color was when I was doing inspections for a city that wanted to see the color of the sewer dye. Other than that I prefer black and white. Black and white has better contrast and you can see fine cracks a lot clearer in B&W vs. color.

In some ways I like the black and white better and in some ways I like the color better. Seeing defects cracks, missing chunks of pipe etc, I feel is easier in B&W because they show up with more contrast…

But then identifying types of pipe such as pvc or transite, vitrified clay or clay, abs or, orangeburg, is easier with color…

The mytana cam I have was a black and white head, i used i for three years worked perfect i loved it. Last month a order a new color cam head from them and i now wonder why did i wait so long to order a color head! Probably the cost, every thing they have is expensive but well built…….color is so so nice.

Black and white was 1970 technology, now days the customers want you to hook your camera up to there 55 inch plasma!

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