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Roots - sewer inspection camera
Roots in a sewer line

If you are a plumber, using a sewer camera is vital in many cases.  You can’t guess and must always locate problems before you start working. Inspection eliminates any guessing and most of the future problems that could have been missed by blind snaking. So using a camera saves money for customers in the long run.

The camera can get you the work!

Sewer camera - after
Sewer line after cleaning

You can use sewer inspection camera as often as possible (free or as cheap as possible) and sell the needed replacements and repairs to make the tool pay for itself. You can slightly increase your rates and offer with sewer cleaning free camera inspections. After free inspections customer not always wants to order repair immediately. But when you find a severe problem it gets you off the hook for any callback and usually, the client just asks you fix it. You will pick up more jet work. Besides, you can use the camera before and after jetting, it helps to confirm the quality of your work. People want to know the line is OK.

The second choice is charging for the camera inspections and use it in the lines where people feel they have the need to have a camera inspection.

Ideally, it will be a combination of these things. Putting the camera into the line as part of your service is a way to add value to your service and also protect yourself against callbacks on lines that have defects while generating additional work for line replacements and repairs.

Most modern camera systems have an ability to digitally record inspections. Although only half the customers want to see the inspection video, even the offer to share helps eliminate any doubts on their part. Customers can later show the video to friends and made them your clients, it should generate revenue and pay for the camera as well.

Finding and recovering keys, wedding rings, etc. from sewer is a good deed too.

 …Lady on the phone says she had placed her wedding rings in tissue paper and placed that on the bathroon lav sink top…her husband came into the bathroom , saw the clump of tissue paper and flushed it down the toilet thinking it was garbage…With a little skill and alot of luck it worked and I had recovered the rings…I was so happy that I was able to find the rings and to get them back on her finger…it was now about 12:30 AM and as I drove home I was tired but happy that I had done something good for that young couple.

Magic Touch III LLC – Senior Member, draincleaningforum.com

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